Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where has the time gone!

I know it has been almost a year since my last blog, where has the time gone? The girls have started 2nd and 4th grades, now only to be off track, part two of summer has just begun. Kate just turned 7, Ethan will be turning 4 soon, Cooper is growing up so fast, and time just seems to be going by at warp speed. These pictures aren't even the most current, I guess I have a lot of work to do!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

4 Kids!

I still can't believe that I have four kids. I am over 30 and have a full mini van - well since you must have space between everyone, you can't add any more or someone will be touching someone (sounds like all those dreaded family vacations with long hours in the car). I must say though, as each day brings all sorts of new adventures (potty training Ethan just on the top of the list), I am so grateful for the 4 kids I have and how much I love them and how much love they show me (well most of the time, unless I am asking them to do their homework or come inside from riding their bikes).

Just a couple weeks ago a wonderful friend took some amazing pictures of my kids and I must share. Now don't be fooled, they may look like angels, but there is a little devil inside each of them, well except Cooper, right now he could do no wrong, except spit up all over his dad in his work clothes. Thanks again Alana.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thanks Lori

Aunt Lori is in town for the summer and has a wonderful camera. While living at grandma's, she was able to capture some rare moments that few get to see. Hope all enjoy these as much as I do. Thanks Lori

I will have to show Nicole and Kate this photo daily to remind them that they do love each other and will have a sister who will always be there for them forever.

Here is our crazy gang (except for Cooper). The three are partners in crime and will keep anyone on their toes, or heels keeping up with them.

Fun Stuff

Here is Kate's field trip to the zoo. Jeff took Ethan and went along. As tradition would have it, it rained all day as it did when Nicole did the same kindergarten field trip. Jeff was a trooper to go along and have fun with the kids.

Jeff won a trip to the Jazz locker room clean out. Nicole and Ethan got up early and went along to see what treasures awaited them. They had a good time and came home with some cool and interesting things.

home is where the heart is

Here is our new home. We are so excited to finally be moved in. The past 6 weeks have been exciting and wild. Moving out of old home, getting settled at grandma and grandpa's house, welcoming Cooper to the world, and finding our dream home just 5 mintues away from our old home.

We are getting settled and can't wait to have friends over to visit. The girls are enjoying their own rooms and riding their bikes in the circle. We can't wait for the sod to take so that we can play in our wonderful backyard.

Jeff has been working hard with all sorts of projects, and I am just trying to find some sort of order to the madness.

I just want to send a thank you out to all those who have helped us move in. We couldn't have done it with out everyone's help. We love you all.

Cooper Timothy Sorensen

Cooper was born June 5, 2009 at 7:55pm weighing 7 lbs. 1 oz. After going to dinner and looking at a couple houses, we made it to the hospital with about 2 minutes to spare. No doctor, no drugs, a couple big screams and Cooper was with us. He has been the best baby, after all having to sleep with lots of noise, tolerate being carried like a baby doll by his sisters, and enjoying the love from his big brother.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


While i'm posting...

I'm not sure what the Easter bunny does in the rest of the world, but at our house the Easter bunny hides each kid's Easter basket. They get increasingly difficult to find as each child ages. I can remember one year, when I was a kid, I found my Easter basket tied to the chimney shute opener and the only way to find it was to stick my head in the fireplace and look up.

My kids aren't quite old enough for the Easter bunny to do that, but it's still a good thing that the Easter bunny makes sure to tell me where he hid all the baskets so I can help the kids find them if needed.

Nicole's was the hardest this year. Her basket was hidden in the coat closet. She looked in the closet twice on her own before she came crying saying how everyone else had their basket and she couldn't find her's yet. So, with some careful "warmer... colder... ooh hot! hot! hot!" she was getting closer and closer. I grabbed the camera....

Here's another fun video. I caught Ethan red-handed getting himself out of his crib. You can see for a split second he realizes he has been caught and considers getting back in. But then he realizes no one is yelling, so he figures it's okay to proceed. Cute little guy... he was just getting his little doggie to cuddle.